was established in 1999 in Anaheim, CA. We are also known as Kay Fashion. From a small t-shirt store, we've grown to be the largest distributor of medical uniforms in Orange County. Our product lines include the workwear, corporate apaparel, industrial and hospitality apparel. Our services include embroidery and custom screen printing for large groups. carries the top brands and has the capability to serve your organizaton's special needs. From printing 10,000 shirts a week to delivering the uniforms by department, by floor, or by individuals we can do it all. Ask us. We can also set up a private website where your employees can order directly for a large organization. This eliminates the complexity of gathering all the information from each individual.
We will do it cheaper and fulfill your orders on time.

Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing

Please note that there are some limitations on how we can reproduce your logo either in silk printing or embroidery. We will try to make the embroidery/silk screen work as close to the original as possible. However, the small intricate details of some designs cannot be reproduced.

  • Screen Printing Pricking:
Screen Set-up: $50 per color and per design size.

Printing per shirt: $1~$2 per color.

Example: If you'd like to print your company logo on t-shirts front and back of two different sizes in 2 colors, the initial set up charge is $200.00

Total cost = $200+ $Your Choice of T-shirts + $Printng per shirt.

100 Shirts Order of 2 colors on Front & Back = $200+$330+$200 = $730.00

Therefore, the screen printing requires a minimum number of 100 pcs per order.

For re-orders, the screen set up charge is $10 per color and per size.

For smaller orders, we recommend Diginal Printing, which we don't offer at this time.

If you are looking into ordering 10,000 pcs or more, then we can outsource your order to Mexico and significantly drop per-shirt cost. We can produce upto 20 different colors at a very reasonable price.

  • Embroidery Pricing:
Digitizing/Set-up $50 and up

Minimum Price Per Additional 1,000 Stitches
1-24 $6.95 $.50
25-48 $5 $.50
48 - Up Ask.